I am pleased to offer voice lessons for dedicated singers. Through the study and application of a healthy technique, singers can explore the worlds of classical music, musical theatre and other repertoire in a safe, fun, nurturing environment!



When I perform, I seek to celebrate each audience member as an individual, embracing my own strengths and limitations, allowing the door of compassion and connection to swing open as we both enter into the magical realm of character portrayal mixed up in metaphors and music. Inviting each participant in the audience to be swept away by the music and emotion while receiving strength, peace, wisdom and healing to conquer every challenge, celebrate every victory and receive guidance throughout the journey. 


As a teacher, I seek to connect with my students in a similar fashion, empowering them to:


- Embrace the process of learning

- Discover their uniqueness, potential, and abilities

- Build a healthy vocal routine

- Become confident within a grounded, well-aligned body and speaking voice

- Allow the vocal mechanism to engage freely and unencumbered  

- Foster continued growth through specific exercises and tools to build vocal freedom

- Nurture a passion for the repertoire

- Understand and connect with the text and music

- Enjoy sharing their talents openly with others

It is a common trap to find the body locked up in an effort to try too hard, or do too many things, wanting to “get it right!”  I have found that discovering simple ways to gently align the body and building awareness in a game-like fashion tailored to the individual is the key to gaining freedom. 

Space in my studio is very limited. To inquire about taking lessons, please contact me here.


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