I Got the Son


I feel incredibly blessed by the gift of song that so deeply penetrates my being and the tender moments I have felt in sharing this gift with all in my reach, whether performing on stage, engrossed in deep conversation on the phone, teaching or sharing the joy of singing with my students.  As Annie Oakley said, “Got no butler, got no maid, Still I think I’ve been over paid, I got the sun in the morning and the moon at night!” As a tribute to this message and a desire to recognize that I believe my singing is gift from God, I have named this CD "I Got the Son."

This album is a celebration of connections I have made over the years, sharing faith, peace, comfort, and joy with others. In collaboration with a very talented and versatile pianist, we plan to create the following feast from songs of the classical, musical theater and sacred repertoire:

-Songs I have enjoyed singing with my children:
“My Heavenly Father Loves me” 
“I feel my Savior’s Love,” “I’m trying to be like Jesus”
“If the Savior stood beside me”  

-Songs that have given me insight into a deeper spiritual connecting:
“Take time to be Holy” 
“Come Thou Fount”

 -Danish songs about nature that I sang growing up and that still tug at my heartstrings:
“Kun en dag, et øjeblik ad gangen” (Day by Day)
“Jeg bærer med smil min byrde” (I carry my load with a smile)
“Altid frejdig, når du går”  (Always Cheerful, as you journey through life)

 -Songs when together we have been carried on angels’ wings as I sang at celebration of life events:
“How Great Thou Art” 
“O Divine Redeemer”

 -Songs that give me hope and that I just can’t stop singing once I start:
“You’ll Never Walk Alone”
“Cockeyed Optimist”
“I Got the Sun in the Morning”

-The final song is a wish for a blessing to all I hold so dear, near or far away; family and friends, colleagues, students, and audience members. 
“May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You.” 

I am thrilled to be bringing this project to life, but I cannot do it alone. Your support is enormously appreciated! No amount is too small or large. Donated funds will be used to cover artist fees, recording engineering and mixing, CD packaging, and distribution. Please click on the link below and see the reward levels for fun ways you can be included in this project!  Creating this CD is something I have dreamed of, and I would be most grateful for your help in making this dream come true! The sooner we can cover the costs for recording, the sooner we can get rolling.  Please consider donating to this special project. 



Sharon Brook

Lecturer/Staff Accompanist Emeritus

School of Music and Dance

San Jose State University

I had the distinct honor of witnessing Lisa's teaching, as well as her performing, at San Jose State University, for 5 years. As her collaborative pianist, I accompanied both Lisa's studio, as well as herself, in lessons and in recitals. She was a consummate professional who understood the physiology of vocal production, was fluent in the diction of several languages and was conversant with the vast vocal repertoire. 


She had an amazing ability to create a calming atmosphere with every student, thus allowing them to free up their breath, as well as any body tightness. Her sense of serenity, as well as her passion for the music at hand, was infectious. I often played for her late in the afternoon, after a long day of teaching and accompanying. And I always left her lessons recharged, and enthused by her unique, customized vocalises or her interpretation of a Lied.


Listening and watching Lisa perform is a rarefied treat: her satiny, mellow mezzo voice sounds so natural, and rivets her audiences. Her sense of drama and passion - whether it be singing a Brahms' "Zigeunerlieder” in a staged production of "Elijah" - always communicates deeply. Even during voice lessons, when she would illustrate a particular phrase in a song, her timbre was breathtaking.


To top off her prodigious talent, Lisa's nurturing and upbeat personality make her a natural teacher. I witnessed so many success stories among her students - in terms of their vocal development and their stage presence: a true testament to her teaching. All of us in the School of Music and Dance were so saddened by her leaving ...


But California's loss is Indiana's gain! Lisa is a gem.

Lynelle Wiens

Program Director and Professor of Voice, Emerita

Conservatory of Music

University of the Pacific

Lisa van der Ploeg  is an outstanding singer/performer and voice teacher.   She was an exceptional voice student of mine at the University of the Pacific, and was the first person I thought of when I was looking for someone to teach for me when I took my most recent sabbatical.


Lisa creates a positive, supportive and encouraging learning atmosphere in her studio.  She quickly spots technical issues that need to be addressed and comes up with clear, insightful strategies to overcome those problems.  She makes learning fun and is dedicated to the growth of each and every student.  She is a real GEM!!!   

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